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Japan/America Society of Kentucky

Since 1987

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Dinner Exchange!

The purpose of JASK is to deepen the friendship between Japan and America in Kentucky.  Often, when Japanese individuals move to Kentucky or to a new city in Kentucky, they face the challenge of building new friendships from scratch.  And, sometimes even Americans and Japanese who have lived here for years just want to meet new people from a different background.

The JASK Dinner Exchange aims to solve this malady by coordinating dinner invitations for Japanese individuals who come to Kentucky.  We are happy to arrange dinners for Americans with Japanese hosts as well.  We just watch the applications come in and arrange accordingly.

The process is simple:

Japanese - Inform JASK when a person has moved to Kentucky or to a new area within Kentucky for any reason.  Or, if you want to host an American family, register as a Host Family.

Americans - Register as a Host Family for the Welcome Wagon.  Or, if you want to be a guest in a Japanese home, register as a Guest.

JASK - Contact both parties and help them connect for a casual dinner invitation.

To participate, use the forms linked below.  We thank the hosts and appreciate hearing all the good stories about friendships forged as a result of the Welcome Wagon.
JASK の目的のひとつは、ケンタッキーにおける日米の友好を深めることです。日本人がケンタッキーに越してくると、新しい友情を作ることに苦労することがあります。また、こちらに長く住んでいるアメリカ人、日本人でも違うバックグラウンドを持った新しい人々に会いたいと思う方もいるでしょう。





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