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The Japan/America Society of Kentucky invites companies to share their brand with our website visitors. 

Your corporate logo, for the period of time purchased, is placed in the footer on every page within our website (see below). Your logo will link to your website or to a contact-person's email. 

Pricing is as follows:

                                        Member                      Non-Member

Three months                         $300                           $400

Six months                              $550                           $700

One year                                 $1000                         $1200

Please consider these benefits when considering advertising at JASK.org:

  • High traffic website.  JASK.org received over 12,000 visits in 2009.  Visitors viewed 4 pages each, on average, spending 3 ½ minutes on the site.  Each visit gives your logo many chances to be viewed.
  • Target audience.  Our visitors want information about Japan, Kentucky, and JASK.  They are likely your best potential customers.  Our members include most Japanese businesses in Kentucky and many of their business partners. 
  • High value.  For this valuable niche market, your marketing dollars go a long way.  JASK.org costs about $3 per day. 
  • Direct traffic.  Visitors who click on your logo from our website will be linked back to your website, your email, or both. 
  • Get noticed.  Only four companies may advertise with their logo on our website footer at any time.  JASK.org is not a billboard.  Your logo will get noticed.  The bottom of many of our web pages is visible without scrolling.
Please be aware of the following stipulations:
  • Logos will be published on a first-come basis with a waiting list to queue future ads.  You will be notified when your logo is expected to be added to JASK.org.
  • Your logo must be submitted as a .jpg file by email to programs@jask.org.
  • You may submit specialized logos for special events so long as they are legible in logo-size.
  • Logos must be received with payment by the 20th of the month before they are expected to be published.
  • JASK retains final approval authority for all ads.
JASK staff is always available for questions at programs@jask.org or by phone: 502-209-9630.  Thank you for your support. 

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Office: (502) 209-9630    Email: programs@jask.org

Address:                                          464 Chenault Rd                        Frankfort, KY 40601

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